Thursday, May 31, 2007

Featured Lodge

Last time I wrote about a lodge located in the Far North, so now let's look for a lodge in the far south.
Lodge Merton is located in Oatlands, in Australia's island State, Tasmania.
What is interesting about this lodge is that the meetings are in daytime - on the second Saturday of each month except January, June, July and August, at 2.00 pm. The normal Lodge attire is a lounge suit (or coat) and tie.
Lodge Merton was originally formed at Campbell Town in Tasmania's Northern Midlands. The first initiative on creation of this lodge was on October the 17th. 1921.
Freemasonry had existed in the town prior to this date, and although records are vague, it is known that the Lodge of Faith, 992 E.C. was established there in 1881 after transferring from Launceston. The first meeting of the Lodge of Faith in the town was held on the 2nd. March of that year at the Caledonian Hotel. The Lodge met on the full moon. An uphill struggle saw it lapse in 1886. For thirty five years there was no further Masonic activity in Campbell Town.
Lodge Merton, 39 T.C., was consecrated on Saturday 22nd. April, 1922. Lord Carrington Lodge, 22 T.C., of Fingal was the sponsor Lodge.
If you are ever traveling south, you can contact them through their web-site.