Thursday, May 31, 2007

Featured Grand Lodge

United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria

Freemasonry in Bulgaria has it's roots in the 1860's. Around that time the first Bulgarians were initiated in lodges abroad - Romania, Turkey, France, England...
After the liberation from the Turkish occupation, first Bulgarian lodges were created. One of the founders was Ivan Vedar - the first Bulgarian to be initiated in Masonry. It's noted that even the first king of the country - Alexander Batemberg was a mason.
Still, a long time passed before the Grand Lodge was created - 1917. The number of the masons in 1940 is around 240.
In 1941, the parliament of the country adopted the Defense of The Nation Law, which basically prohibited the existence of the Lodge. Since the communist regime that ruled Bulgaria after the war, was against this fraternity, Freemasonry was laid to rest until 1992, when few Bulgarians were initiated in Lodges in Germany, and few in Yugoslavia. Several Lodges were created in the country.
By the end of 2000, there were two Grand Lodges in the country. One - enlightened by The United Grand Lodges of Germany, the other - by the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia.
These two lodges united in 2001 - creating the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria.