Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Interesting facts

Although we share the same ideas world wide, there are some differences from lodge to lodge.
One of the most interesting ones is the dress code. While in Canada and US we are used to wearing dark business suits (except for the officers who wear tuxedos), with a tie and no gloves - in other parts of the world, the rules are different.
Here are some interesting facts that I've learned from Brothers from abroad:

The suit should be black (preferably a tuxedo), with a black cylinder hat and white gloves.

Depending on the Grand Lodge (The United Grand Lodges of Germany are consisted of five Grand Lodges), the dress code is different. Most of them wear black suits, and some of the lodges have a rule that all the members or at least the master of the lodge wears a cylinder hat. White gloves are mandatory.

Morning coat, a black tie, white gloves. (I heard that the black tie was introduced as a mourning sign for the brethren that lost their lives in the First World War).

South Africa & Namibia
Some of the lodges in these countries have a very interesting dress code - white tuxedo!

If any of you can give us comments on this topic, or even send pictures of a proper Masonic Attire in his Lodge, please do so!